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Using self-made software I turn videos into images, crystallizing moments frozen in time. I freeze fish, malls, deserts, marathons.
Berlin Marathon '23
Berlin Marathon Preview 1
Berlin Marathon Preview 2
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My InstagramVideoRun Slow
Experimental music video filmed at the 2023 Berlin Marathon and set to music by Canadian dream-pop trio, "Men I Trust".
Kaiser Kasimir
DFFB application film, 2023. Documenting the life & work of the notorious street artist & sculptor known as Kaiser Kasimir.
UNSEEN Global Video 1
Shot video for the opening night of UNSEEN at the 2023 Berlin Marathon, including 600 guests and 50 participating photographers.
Safe & Good
Ann Cotten & Anna Dinwoodie reading their English translation of Liesl Ujvary's "Safe & Good", to be published in 2025.
Charlottenwalk Instagram Video 1
Charlottenwalk Instagram Video 2
Documentation for the November 2023 edition of Charlottenwalk, with tours covering nearly 50 galleries in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin.
CodeMTG Creature Subtype Explorer
Explore the wild world of Magic: The Gathering creature types and subtypes like never before.
How this site was madeLink to Code
A writeup explaining how I created the tree structure on this page.
Mark VLC
Create and navigate marks in a video by generating an interactive wiki page of timestamped film notes.
Transform videos into images of frozen movement.
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